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5 Must-Visit Cafes in Madrid

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Madrid is a beautiful and elegant city where you can take pleasure in Madrid’s superb architecture, art scene with a wonderful collection of masterpieces from Velazques, Goya and El Greco, Royal Palace, traditional Spanish restaurants and tapas bars. The Spanish cuisine is world-famous. There are also beautiful cafes and churerrias you might want to stop by and give an extra flavour to your Madrid trip.

“Today’s good mood is sponsored by Coffee.”

Best cafes in Madrid

Before you try to ask for a coffee, you need to know how to order your coffee! In Madrid, they call the ‘latte’, as ‘Manchado’. The amount of milk is more in ‘Manchado’. ‘Cafe con Leche‘ is half coffee and half milk.

Best cafes in Madrid

Let’s visit the best cafes and churerries in Madrid!

1; Cafe de Oriente

It is the most elegant cafe and restaurant with a modern twist in Madrid. It is located only a few steps away from the Royal Place, so before or after visiting the palace you could take a rest and enjoy your coffee inside or outside on their terrace cafe. The pretty interior is ideal spot to enjoy coffee or indulge in beautifully decorated desserts. The outside area is particularly relaxing from spring till autumn.

Best cafes in Madrid

Best cafes in Madrid

When it comes to romantic or business dinners they provide many dining spaces to choose from in different styles.

Best cafes in Madrid

Best cafes in Madrid

2; La Pecera del Circulo de Bellas Artes

Another charming cafe-restaurant with a modern take on from the 1880’s in Art Deco style. Popular spot due to its location at Calle de Alcala on the way towards the Cibeles Fountain. The impressive chandeliers, frescoed ceilings and sculpture of a woman in the middle swing the interior in a classy ambience. The stunning bar area well-stocked up to quench your thirst from milkshakes to cocktails. For evenings advised to book in advance.

Best cafes in Madrid

Best cafes in Madrid

3; Cappuccino Grand Cafe

Cappuccino Grand Cafe offers an elegant relaxing atmosphere located next to the Puerta de Alcala and close to the Parque del Retiro. After strolling through the park Cappuccino Grand Cafe is a great spot to rest your legs and soak up the charm of Madrid. Even during winter you can enjoy their delicious cakes and coffees on their outside terrace. They have heaters to keep guests warm.

Best cafes in Madrid

Trip to Madrid is sweetened with churros and thick hot chocolate.

Must-try! Chocolate & Churros

Have you indulge in CHURROS? You will definitely fulfil your sweet cravings at these traditional churerrias.

Chocolate con Churros

Small crispy sticks freshly cooked (deep fried) and served with a cup of thick hot chocolate. DELICIOUS! We wouldn’t eat churros every day, but whenever we are in Madrid we choose churros as a dessert in one of these historical churerrias.

Best cafes in Madrid

Only you need to do is dip the churros into the mouth-watering hot chocolate and let your taste buds do the rest. Churros are deep fried and full of calories, but we all deserve a bit of treat and energy boost while exploring Madrid.

4; Chocolateria San Gines

Chocolate San Gines has been serving this typical dessert of Madrid hidden away in a passageway behind San Gines church since 1894. You are not restricted to time to visit Chocolate San Gines as they are open day and night. They don’t close for the night!

Best cafes in Madrid

Best cafes in Madrid

There are plenty of seating areas inside and outside. When you arrive you need to order your churros and hot chocolate, then pay at the cashier. The process is like in Italy when you order your ice-cream and pay in the same time, afterwards you get served. The staff will find you. Just keep your receipt.

Best cafes in Madrid

In winter, you can sit outside too. The heaters and the hot chocolate keep you warm.

At Chocolate San Gines you also can purchase chocolate powder to take home and prepare your own thick hot chocolate at home.

“Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside.” ~ Do you agree?

Best cafes in Madrid

5; Los Artesanos 1902 Chocolateria

Let your sweet cravings lead you to Los Artesanos 1902. Tease your taste buds and try their famous churros too. For generations, the family has been following a secret recipe to bring the flavours from the past and sweeten up the days of locals and tourists today. At Los Artesanos 1902 you can get a glimpse into how churros being made.

Best cafes in Madrid

Best cafes in Madrid

Opening times:

Sunday – Thursday between 7 am-12 am

Friday and Saturday between 7 am-1 am

Are you taking a dog with you to Madrid?

We took our 6 months old toy poodle with us. All the above mentioned places let you to enjoy your coffee or churros outside on their terrace areas, accept Los Artesanos 1902, as they have only indoor seating places.

Millie in Madrid

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