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Best Cafes You Must-Visit in Florence

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Florence is a gem of the Tuscany region of Italy where Renaissance began to flourish and as they say it is the cradle of the Renaissance. Florence city is like an open-air museum where visitors and creative crowd has been drawn by its art history book like cityscape. Exploring Florence feels like you jump back in time. Pitti Palace, Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery hold an extraordinary collection of priceless paintings, sculptures and architecture appreciated worldwide. Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”, “Primavera”, Michelangelo’s “David”, Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation or Titian’s “Venus of Urbino” are high priority on everybody’s list.

Florence Ponte Vecchio

Florence Botticelli's The Birth of Venus

Florence Michelangelo's David

After walking on the famous Ponte Vecchio or seeing the golden mosaics in the Baptistery why not take a break and enjoy a cup of Italian coffee in one of the stunning cafes in Florence. Streets and squares are dotted with cafes to embrace in the medieval spirit of Florence and mull over how Giotto created the Bell Tower or on the remarkable achievement of the dome of the Duomo by Brunelleschi. There are two beautiful cafes you shouldn’t miss. Sit outside and enjoy the spring breeze in the air while taking in the surrounding atmosphere that would elevate your stay in Florence.

Best cafes in Florence Duomo

Best cafes in Florence Piazza della Republica

1; Caffe Gilli

Straightaway grabs your attention Caffe Gilli with its elaborately decorative shop windows. Before Easter, Christmas celebrations and during other notable occasions, chocolatiers and shop window decorators let their fantasy to fly. They create a visual delight for the passers-by. These stunning chocolate creations displayed in shop windows are certainly lead you inside! They all look so pretty and exquisite, so it is impossible just to walk pass Caffe Gilli.

Best cafes in Florence Caffe Gilli

Best cafes in Florence Caffe Gilli

Best cafes in Florence Caffe Gilli Easter decoration

Best cafes in Florence Caffe Gilli on the terrace

Gilli family tried various locations before they settled at Piazza della Republica. Since 1733, they embarked to create a popular cafe for the high-class society in Florence. You can enjoy Gilli’s delicious coffee and cakes in the elegant Belle Epoque interior or at their terrace, while watching the world go by. Inside the shop, you will be amazed by the tantalizing array of delicious cakes each of them eagerly calling for your attention. It is hard to choose, as usual when we see so many beautifully presented cakes and tempting sweet treats. Also, I can guarantee during your trip you will return Caffe Gilli a few times.

Best cafes in Florence stunning Easter decoration

2; Caffe Scudieri

Sumptuous pastries, cakes and many small treats to enjoy in a beautiful interior or outside while taking in the view of the Battistero. The cafe was established in 1939, since then has been serving fresh quality products. Just in case, check the take-away and eat-in prices as they reflect the location and they might be vary. The cakes and bakery products worth every penny, just confirm prices in advance to avoid surprises.

Best cafes in Florence Scudieri Easter decoration in the window

Best cafes in Florence Scudieri coffees and cakes

Best cafes in Florence Scudieri delicious fruit cake

Florence Baptistery

There are plenty more cafe shops in Florence to choose from, as the cafe culture never stops striving in Italy. Drinking coffee is a global phenomenon and not only coffee lovers like to sip coffee through the day, but also people who just drink occasionally. It has become part of our everyday ritual to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee for its aroma and healthy benefits. Italians only drink cappuccino at the morning and consume espresso in an essential daily indulgence any time of the day. I hope you will find Coffee Gilli as atmospheric and relaxing, as I did.

If you have visited Florence, where else did you enjoy a nice cup of coffee with mouth-watering cakes?

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